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Meeting - Sunday March 13, 2022 - DBWOA

The Dale Basin Well Owners Association (DBWOA) is holding its Spring 2022 membership meeting at the Wonder Valley Community Center on Sunday March 13, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. All Wonder Valley residents, property owners and stakeholders are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The DBWOA was incorporated as a non-partisan community non-profit back in February 1989 but was operating informally for some time before its establishment as a non-profit. Of the various community organizations once active here, the Volunteer Fire Department, Citizens Alliance for Wonder Valley, Wonder Valley Improvement Group, Wonder Valley Citizens against the Formation of a Community Services District (CSD), American Legion Auxiliary Post 729, and the Wonder Valley Hiking Club, the Dale Basin Well Owners Association is the only one still extant.

More than ever, Wonder Valley needs a clear, consistent, non-partisan voice in matters effecting our community. While membership in the DBWOA has been traditionally limited to those who owned wells, the organization is in the process of amending it's bylaws to expand its membership to all Wonder Valley residents, property owners and stakeholders. The mission of the DBWOA is also being updated to include all water related issues and to provide a voice for the community in dealings with County, Special Districts (CSA 70 M) and others local area, state and federal agencies such as Morongo Basin water districts and the Bureau of Land Management.

The Sunday March 13, 2022 membership meeting is for the election of a new 6-member board of directors and discussion of amendments to the bylaws to institute an expanded membership and mission for the DBWOA. Copies of the DBWOA incorporation document, revised bylaws, and agendas of the the special subcommittee that met over last Summer will shortly be available on the DBWOA website. The agenda for the March meeting will be posted online and at the WVCC later this week and public comments are welcome at the meeting.

Former DBWOA president Steve Reyes will kickoff the meeting and suggest a framework for an expanded role for the organization, and provide a report of topics impacting the Morongo Basin.

The Wonder Valley Community Center is located at 80526-1/2 Amboy Road, Wonder Valley. and the WVCC coordinator James Dunham can be reached at 760-367-9880.



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