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Dale Basin Well Owners General Meeting - December 11, 2022 - 2pm-4pm

Hello! We are pleased to announce the next General Meeting of the Dale Basin Well Owners Association. It will be held Sunday, December, 11th, 2022 from 2pm-4pm at the Wonder Valley Community Centre - 80526-1/2, Amboy Road. The agenda can be downloaded as a PDF below but is outlined here as well. Please plan to arrive earlier to check in.


I. Call to Order

a. Brief Introductory comments

II. Review minutes of March, 2022 meeting of DBWOA

III. Correspondence for approval or review

IV. Treasurers report

I. General Business

a. Election of Officers/ Transfer of Signatory Privileges of DBWOA Bank Account

i. President

ii. Vice President

iii. Secretary

iv. Treasurer

v. Board Members (2)

b. Establish calendar of general membership meetings for 2023

i. Consider three general membership meetings per year to maintain membership engagement

c. Establish calendar of Board of Directors meetings for 2023

i. Consider board meetings every other month noting that these meetings are open to general membership

d. Discuss changing the organizations name to something more inclusive

i. Dale Basin Community Advisory Committee

ii. Dale Basin Well Owners and Community Association

e. Discuss potential expanded role for the organization covering areas within the CSA-70M (land use, roads, park, etc)

f. Review and briefly discuss areas of concern

i. Adherence and continuity of the Bylaws

ii. Emergency services – SB County Fire alternatives

iii. Resident deputy

iv. Mail security

v. Well maintenance and care


DALE BASIN WELL OWNER General Meeting12_11_2022
Download PDF • 47KB


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